The process of creating illustrations

The illustrations for the Rare Books from Saint Petersburg publications are created by outstanding Russian and foreign artists in a variety of graphic art techniques.

Kак мы создаём шедевр


The main role in forming the look of a hand-made book is, of course, played by the artist. It is his or her concept and vision that everyone involved it its creation follows. The word illustration comes from the Latin illustrare (“to illuminate, cast light on, explain”) and denotes a “living description” or “visual depiction”. 

The illustrations in our publishing house’s books are the original creations of outstanding Russian and foreign artists, true works of graphic art. They differ in creative approach, colour and temperament but share masterly execution and an extremely high artistic standard. The illustrations are made in a variety of graphic techniques: drawing, woodcut, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, dry-point, monotype, heliogravure and also mixed techniques. They are augmented with watercolour, tempera, or gilding and enhanced by embossing, investing the images with a unique authorial style.

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